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Things That You'Ll Find Appealing About Eating Every Three Hours

Following a diet, such as Trim Healthy Mama, means that you'll be making several major changes to the way that you eat. In addition to cutting out unhealthy foods and adding more healthy items to your diet, you'll want to adjust the frequency of your meals, too. The Trim Healthy Mama way is to eat a small meal every three hours. To do so successfully, you'll want to ensure that your refrigerator and pantry are always stocked with healthy items, and that you pack large amounts of food before you go to work each morning. Here are three things that you'll find appealing about eating every three hours.

You Won't Overeat

Overeating at mealtime is one of the biggest threats to losing weight or, if you've reached your healthy body weight, maintaining it. Unfortunately, when you've gone a long time without eating, you'll be hungry when you sit down to a meal and may be inclined to overeat. For example, if you ate lunch at noon, but spent the whole afternoon running errands, playing with your kids in the backyard, and going to the gym, you'll be very hungry when dinnertime arrives — and you could overeat as a result. When you're eating a small meal at three-hour intervals, you'll rarely be so hungry at mealtime that you're tempted to overeat.

You Won't Eat Unhealthy Snacks

The other thing that can occur when you get hungry throughout the day is that you may be tempted to snack on things that aren't healthy. It's easy to crave junk food when you're hungry, and reaching for a bag of cookies or potato chips might curb your hunger — but they won't help your weight-loss goals. By eating a small, nutrition-rich meal every three hours, your body will stay full enough that you shouldn't crave snacking.

You'll Enjoy More Energy

Few people can argue that occasional overeating can be satisfying, but there's a concerning result associated with this behavior. When you overeat, you're taxing your body considerably, and this can result in extreme fatigue. If you've ever felt as though you need a nap — or, more likely, need to load up on caffeine — after a meal, you can probably link your fatigue to the amount that you ate and what you ate. When you're a busy woman, you don't have time to fight post-meal fatigue, nor do you want to be so caffeinated that you have trouble sleeping at night. Eating the right foods every three hours will leave you full of energy, rather than feeling tired.

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