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Want To Lose Weight? Two Drinks That You Should Add To Your Diet

If you've decided to lose weight, your aim is a worthy one.  You can lower your risk of developing ailments such as cancer, stroke and even dementia by losing as few as ten pounds.  However, while you may think that dropping the pounds is all about what you eat, what you drink plays a role as well.  There are certain things you can drink that can help to jog your weight loss just as much as the foods that you consume.  Use this information to learn about two drinks that you should add to your diet if you want to see the scale move in the right direction.

Start Drinking Green Tea

One drink that may help with your weight loss journey is green tea.  Studies show that the flavonoids and caffeine contained in green tea can help to increase your metabolic rate and even increase fat oxidation.  These two activities alone can assist you in starting to see results.

Green tea is such a powerful weight loss agent that participant studies who consumed the tea over a course of 12 weeks managed to lose an average of approximately 2.9 pounds without changing anything else in their diet.  Although this may seem like a small number, keep in mind that this was done without having to count calories or watch their diet, since nothing else was altered.

Also, don't think that you have to drink gallons upon gallons of green tea to achieve the results mentioned above.  The study results mentioned above were accomplished by drinking as few as two and a half cups of green tea each day.

Add Lemon Juice To Your Water

Another great drink for weight loss is lemon water.  Adding lemon juice to your water helps with weight loss because lemon naturally helps to detoxify the liver.  The more efficiently your liver works, the better it is at aiding with the digestion of food so that life-giving oxygen is better able to circulate throughout your blood, thereby boosting your metabolism and energy levels.

Adding lemon to your water is also helpful because it may encourage you to drink more of it.  Some people are not too fond of the way that plain water tastes, but when they add lemon to water, it becomes more palatable.

Changing your drinking habits may be the key to taking off the pounds.  Incorporate these drinks into your diet today so you can start seeing results as soon as possible.  For more information, contact local professionals like Get Trim Now.